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Dawson Drinks: The Fall-American Bourbon Apple Sour

September brings with it a changing of the seasons, with the warmth of summer giving way to the heartiness of fall. Everything from clothes to cocktails gains layers when autumn begins, and with that in mind, I'm sharing one of my favorite cocktail recipes that is guaranteed to keep you warm and pleased as the leaves fall from the trees.

The drink, which is very easy to make, is called The Fall-American Bourbon Apple Sour, and as you can probably figure out from the title and photo above, includes bourbon and apples. My bourbon of choice (and my favorite overall) is Woodford Reserve because of its oaky taste that balances out the sweet and sour of the rest of the drink, but whichever you choose to use is more than fine.

The other ingredients are lemon juice, cinnamon, apple juice, and ice, with a garnish of basil suggested, but not mandatory.

Check the recipe below and then prepare to enjoy a Fall-American treat for the senses. Cheers!

Dawson Eats Presents: The Fall-American Bourbon Apple Sour*

2 jiggers bourbon

2 jiggers lemon juice

1 cup apple juice

1 cinnamon stick


*recipe is per one serving

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