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Dawson Drinks: The Love Note

I have to admit, this year Valentine's Day is hitting a bit different for me. I'm caught up in the holiday and everything that comes with it, including the flowers, the declarations, the candies... and the cocktails. It's the first "Hey, We're Together" Day that I'm spending with someone I really care about, so I figured I should celebrate it with you, too.

Thus, I present... The Love Note.

It's a really simple recipe that represents exactly what love should be: simple, yet with a kick that keeps you coming back. The ingredients are some of my faves, including bourbon (of course) and champagne. The choice is yours when it comes to which brand, but just note that the better the brand, the more you'll love it. Which means, just as when it comes to your mate, it's best to choose the best. OK? OK.

All in all, if you feel like I feel, OR if you just feel the need to drown out the outside noise on this unofficial holiday, then um, simply mix up this amazing cocktail, cheers to the air and enjoy.

I promise, you'll "Love" it.


1 oz bourbon .5 oz Patron Citronge orange liqueur 7 dashes of Angostura bitters 7 dashes of Peychauds bitters Champagne 1 lemon twist

Instructions Add all ingredients (except champagne) into a chilled mixing vessel and stir for 15 seconds. Pour into a chilled coupe, top off with champagne and garnish with an extra long lemon twist.

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