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Dawson Eats Travels: Viva Las Vegas!

Back in May, soon after launching Dawson Eats America: The Podcast, I jokingly told my friend Beverly, who is Vice President of Social Portfolio Strategy at MGM Resorts International that her international company should sponsor the podcast. She made sure to let me know that she couldn't make that happen, but then said to call her. There's something that CAN happen. That phone call, that took place just minutes after that playful banter, has led to this weekend, with me headed to MGM Resorts in Las Vegas to tell the company's food story (!!!).

Yup. You read that correctly.

Beverly already had an idea in mind, and after a discussion and a few months of follow-up emails, Dawson Eats America: The Podcast will be spending TWO FULL DAYS on the MGM campus, staying at the brand new NoMad Hotel (which is inside the Park MGM) while learning more about their food history by conversing with their Black chefs and, of course, dining at their award-winning restaurants.

What a way to end the inaugural season of the pod, with a MAJOR co-sign and the opportunity to tell a story that has yet to be told. To keep up with the dope content all weekend long, just follow the hashtag #DawsonEatsTravels on Twitter and Instagram as we take over the Vegas Strip. It's food culture. And we're doing it for the culture. One weekend in Vegas at a time.

Let's GO!

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