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Five MORE Food Goals for 2020

It's a brand new decade, and while I raise a hearty glass of thanks to 2019, a year where I not only established a brand but also made major connections in the food world. It was a pleasure creating Dawson Eats America: The Podcast, exploring the food journeys of Black chefs and culinarians. However, it's a new year and truthfully, time to take things to the next level. What does that next level look like, you ask? Well, I have some goals I'd like the brand to reach this year. Wanna hear about em? Here we go. Below are five food goals I have for the next 12 months, my personal year of MORE. Let's check em off.

Place the spotlight on more Black chefs.

What I loved about the inaugural season of DEA: The Podcast was the conversations. They were with (mostly) people that I didn't know before, so hearing and sharing their stories felt like a revelation to me, and hopefully to the audience as well. Learning more about subjects that aren't always covered, like actual Black farmers, the Gullah Geechee traditions, and urban gardening, felt like we were literally uncovering fresh Earth about things that have been taking place forever. And tapping into my network to learn more about alternative food lifestyles like Veganism made me feel like a student that was given an opportunity to take an AP class.

This year I want to do more of that, of course. But I'd also like to place a spotlight on celebrity chefs who are using their platforms to make change in their communities, or simply change the food game. Another way I'd like to grow the brand is looking into organizations, more specifically their food practices and diversity.

Travel more.

In 2019 I was presented with the opportunity to travel to the MGM International compound in Las Vegas to explore its different restaurants. It was literally the best of food times. I'm speaking into the universe that more of that will take place in 2020, with trips to New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, and Orlando on my wish list. Gotta make it happen.

Eating healthier... more.

Sure it sounds like an oxymoron when I talk about all these food trips I'd like to take, but I believe the two can exist together. A balance, if you will. For every succulent burger or rack of ribs, I'd love to experience the best grilled oysters and maybe even *gulp* try Vegan food. We shall see.

Write more.

I've tried to post something on this site every month. It didn't always work in 2019, so I want to be more consistent as the new decade begins. I'd love to do pieces that can live beside a podcast episode as well as independent pieces on chefs and their journeys. What I'm hoping will help is my current gig as a food writer for my local paper, hoping being out in the culinary community more often will inspire me to share more stories. Really, it could even be simply more restaurant reviews that let you in on my food experiences as I (hopefully) travel the country. Definitely have to make this happen.

Share more recipes.

Thanks to my better half, who came up the idea of sharing cocktail recipes here, I've seen the positive responses and want to do more of that. With so many special events taking place throughout the year--not to mention holiday celebrations--I want to ramp up the drink recipes. In addition to that, I want to share recipes of Black chefs so that you too can eat America, one meal at a time.

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