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Friday Eats: Moxie Burger

You know what makes sense to me? Eating burgers. And what makes even more sense is eating custom-made burgers, with all the fixins and even more extras after that. This is why I will always love Moxie Burger, which is located only in Atlanta, GA, and which also means that I must visit or order from there each time I'm in the city.

This past Friday, my cousin and I visited the Paper Mill Village location and, after a long deliberation as to what to get, I decided on the "the heater," a 6 oz. of certified Angus beef, topped with lettuce, jalapenos, hot sauce, tomato, onion straws, pepperjack cheese and jalapeno ranch. If you're like me, then you know that everything is better with bacon, so of course I added that to the already delicious mix.

Other standouts from the menu that made it hard to choose my burger de jour are the "bleu ribbon," which adds caramelized onions and mushrooms along with bleu cheese crumbles and horseradish mayo, "the cadillac," which is 6 oz. of house seasoned ground lamb, topped with the same mushrooms and onions alongside goat cheese and creole chili sauce, and "the gobbler," ground turkey on a ciabatta bun, topped with dried cranberries, sliced avocado and tarragon mayo.

"the entrepreneur" allows you to devise your own moxie greatness, with several cheese and sauce options. Or you can go for "the colonel," their version of a spicy chicken sandwich, any one of their variety of "dawgs", and the "lolo ono," which means crazy delicious, and gives you a 6 oz. portion of Angus beef on texas toast with grilled pineapple, ham, and maple aioli sauce.

Why yes, there are salads and sides as well, including fried green tomatoes (pictured), cheese fritters, pickle chips and sweet potato fries. Oh, and of COURSE they carry dessert, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your relationship with dairy. This particular Friday, I gave in to my greatest temptation: banana pudding, which was inside one of the gourmet popsicles under the king of pops umbrella, and the first ingredients of which is milk.

So bad for me, yet so insanely good.

So, next time you're in Atlanta, please be sure to give Moxie Burger a visit. I promise, it will be worth the extra ounces you pack on after enjoying one of their incredible burgers. Yup!

Moxie Burger

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