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How Sweet It Is!

I hope you know by now how much I love food. Like, it doesn't matter which city I travel to, I will try my best to find the best spots for cuisine. And of course, after the exquisite meal comes the necessary dessert. Thankfully, while in St. Louis this past weekend, my friend made sure we stopped by The Cup, one of the city's more popular dessert spots known for their cupcakes.

And listen, once I stepped inside... I fell in love.

There were so many varieties of cupcakes to choose from, I had to step back and take a moment. From the Banilla (banana cream frosting with vanilla cake) to the Graceland (yes, it's named in honor of Elvis) to the Dad Bod (hilarious on every level), it was almost too overwhelming.

And then I saw it. The cupcake that was meant for me. The Italian Cream. Made with french vanilla cake, coconut cream cheese frosting, cream cheese filling, and toasted coconut and walnuts, it... was perfect. Light. Creamy. Delicious.

Listen, this isn't an ad, but if you're ever in the St. Louis area, I suggest you make a beeline to The Cup and check out their delicacies. It's the perfect after-meal indulgence. Oh, and when using the water machine, don't press the blue button. Trust me, you'll look not-so-smart. Heh.

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