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Nacho Regular Cup of Chips

Busch Stadium in St. Louis is one of a collection of ballparks across the country that give you more than you bargained for with their Nacho helmets, with a souvenir to boot.

The photo you see above is of a very large helmet. I know because I saw it first-hand (get it? First hand because it's in my hand and it's huge? OK. Fine). It's one of the most fascinating purchases you can make when visiting ballparks these days: the actual-helmet size portion of nachos. I first saw this type of gluttony goodness at Dodger Stadium a few years back, where the home team had the audacity to sell the nachos with carne asada. It was delicious. So that just means I knew what I was getting into when purchasing this monstrosity of a meal. It's a triple serving of nachos, jalapenos, queso, salsa and sour cream. It will take you about two full innings to finish it and literally be full. I know because I did just that. Ugh. My belly never hurt so good. Listen, it is a lot and you should definitely proceed with caution before ordering the helmet. However, if you forgot your baseball cap at home or are sitting in the sections where foul ball might find you, strap on the fee bag and indulge. And then walk (slowly) away with brand new headgear. Just make sure you wipe it clean first. God bless America and its penchant for obesity. Or whatever Dr. Oz might say.

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