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Through the Years: My Love of Banana Pudding

I'm not sure when it started.

I think it may have been when an old girlfriend made it for dessert one night. Whenever it was, I do remember that I was in love at first taste. It was the moment I fell in love with banana pudding. The combination of ingredients was like a revelation. I mean, honestly, who would NOT like the taste of banana + pudding + vanilla wafer? It was like heaven on earth.

Since that first taste, I made it my mission to taste as many versions of the delicacy as possible. If I saw it on a restaurant menu, I was sure to give it a try. Of course, some were better than others (mostly due to texture), but still... overall, I loved it all.

One of my favorite puddings is served at Virgil's BBQ in Times Square in New York. It got to the point that it didn't matter what I was in the city for, if I was nearby, I was going to stop in and order my fave.

Recently, during a trip to Dallas, I went to the annual Texas Fair, where EVERYTHING was fried. Like, EVERYTHING. I was baptized into the friedness of it all when I tried the fried pepperoni pizza. But I earned my degree in friedology when I took the next step... and ordered the fried banana pudding. Yes, fried. And it was amazing.

If you haven't figured it out by now, this is a banana pudding appreciation post. I will continue on my mission to indulge as much of it as possible for as many establishments that have it on its menu. I'd like to thank my old girlfriend for putting me on to its greatness, and look forward to the day when I have perfected the recipe myself to share with someone I love.

Until then... I'll just continue on the hunt.

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